Blue Spider Dogs update

Last Sunday the Blue Spider Dogs played their second competition day in Veenendaal. The weather was changing from sunny and warm, to heavy rain and wind, and even hail for a mere moment. And unfortunately one of our players was injured during the second game. But nothing could keep us down. We saw a lot of improvement, especially from the stack. Even though we are made of 3 teams, we’re really starting to play as 1. In the first 2 games we found our glory. Unfortunately we were stopped from going to the 2nd division in a very tight last game versus Veenendaal Tijgers, but we’ll be sure to fight for the brackets next time! #bluespiderdogsgowoof

BSD – R’Damnit: 15-10
BSD – UFO 2: 15-2
BSD – Veenendaal Tijgers: 10-12