Devils Heaven Report by Lars

In this year’s edition of Devils Heaven WAF was represented in two teams: WAF and Anton, Aljaz en de rest. The WAF team started really well with a solid win over Force Elektro and a narrow lost against UFO (Utrecht). Jasper even skyed Erik (he plays at Sockeye). On the other field the en de rest team started with a hard fought lost against Devil All-stars, a team of players who played once at DDT. In the second game a win on universe-point against UFO Osnabruck was enough to secure the second place in the group.

In the second group the en de rest team showed their strength and won twice with big differences. Although the start of the games was sometimes a bit sloppy, maybe because the preparations consist out of watching speed skating and playing games like Tokyo Train. However, a big disappointment was the injury of Anton, who thought he could catch the disc in the wall. In the meanwhile WAF won again one match and lost one. For WAF these results meant they were finished for the first day and could enjoy their dinner. On the second day they were going to fight for the 5th place. Anton, Aljaz and the rest had to play one more game again against the Devil All-stars. The winner would be very close to the semi-finals already. Unfortunately, a 7-4 lead was not enough to secure a victory against this very experienced team. However, this was one of the best matches of the tournament with some good Ultimate and some very nice catches and plays from both sides.

The dinner, party and sleeping hall were all in the same sports hall as we played our games. The fields were even used as sleeping ground. The party was maybe not as good as at some other tournaments but it gave more than enough opportunities to drink some beers and have some fun. Besides, it gave WAF the opportunity to win the party and sleep for some hours, the first matches started already at 8.30 the next morning.
On the second day WAF played some tight games, unfortunately they lost most of these games. Maybe they missed the experience (ease) of Nick, who joined them only on Saturday. However, they showed some nice ultimate and really improved during the tournament resulting in an well-deserved 12th place.
The en de rest team was still in the race for the final and they continued their journey by beating UFO Utrecht on universe point in their last pool game. In the semis the other UFO team (Osnabruck) was the opponent. Like on the first day this was a very close match. And again the en de rest team won, now with only 2 points difference. By winning their semi they qualified for the final!

In the final they had to play against the Devil All-stars again. After a very good start of the en de rest team the All-stars took half time with 8-5 and continued their very solid game, with some great breaks and lay-out catches, to secure a 15-7 victory. By beating the en de rest team for the third time in the same tournament they showed that they disserved the first place. However, the en de rest team played very well this tournament and could be proud with their second place.
At the price ceremony the top 3 and the spirit winner (inDISCutabel) received home-made awards with a fancy fibreglass light on the outside as shown in the picture of Barry.
Pictures are made by Martine Bootsma and Tim van Ommen (Barry).
More coverage of the tournament, including a highlight video and video of the final can be found here:
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