Indoor Competition

  •  15 Nov
  •  TBA
  •  ~34

You can sign up for the indoor competition now! Dates are:

  • 15 November
  • 6 December
  • 17 January
  • 28 February

Everyone who wants to play, please sign up as soon as possible. Then afterwards we can figure out how many teams, and kind of teams we are going to make (ladies, open or mixed in the open division). The deadline for signing up is set to the 5th of October.


When you play indoor competition you will need a competition license, license costs €7,50 every half year (January-June and June-December). You do not need to do anything to obtain a competition license, our secretary will arrange this for you. So for the indoor competition you will need to pay €15 for competition licenses.

Besides the license, there is also a team fee, for indoor competition this €150, this is shared between the players of the team. Ideally a team consists of at least eight players, per player this would come down to approximately €19. Source