Henri Veroude Appreciation Team at the Martinicup 2013

‘De Spirit of the Game ging in de Mixed categorie naar UTKA, de Utrechter studenten. In Open ging die prijs gedeeld naar de Undutchables en HVAT, het Henri Veroude Appreciation Team’ (1). (See WAF as Spirit Winners: (2) or here.)

WAF a.k.a. HVAT (Henri Veroude Appreciation Team) played one of their most intensive matches against the so-called “Farmers from Nurnberg” on Saturday afternoon, who, with their height and physicality, as well as experience, were clearly the better team. Both teams had to fight hard for it and we both agreed that the score didn’t really reflect the intensity of the game.


Martinicup 2013

HVAT played fairly well, with first match of Saturday being a great game against The Undutchables, with 10-9 loss, and some calls just in the last two minutes. Next were Frühsport 0,2, against whom, after a very intense game of 7-5, HVATties also had to submit universal signs of kudos. (Frühsport 0,2 finished 3rd last year (4).

After a win over UFO‘s young and old team and the match against already mentioned ‘Farmers’, the last match of the day was with Gronical Dizziness. Again, after a really intense and awesome match with great play on both sides, HVAT had to congratulate to GD.

After a pasta-flavoured dinner, the pre-party kicked off with a local band and with teams chilling and board games being played, while some people still tossed the disc in the sports hall. However the world turned completely bananas when the DJ came and people dressed up for the party. Theme was Yoga Hoes and Workout Bros and the dance floor was absolutely crowded from 23h till sometime after 2 AM, with the party having all the essential elements of synchronised dancing on stage (by HVAT and Mooncatchers and others), people trading shirts and shorts rather nude on stage, stage diving, the actual and spontaneous limbo competition and much more. After some late-night shenanigans and a good night’s sleep, for those abled or obsessed, Yoga in the morning was offered. HVAT had its representative there, complete with a headband and Tweety bird shorts.

Second day brought only 2 games, both of which HVAT won (after so close a matches the day before…). First, against Frühsport 0,5 (the other team from Frühsport) and after, to the tourney’s PickUP team (which included a few very experienced guys, but some relative beginners as well). After what seemed like a walk in the park for HVAT – we scored with such fluidity and ease it was rather nice – HVAT took the win.

Where is the Finnish dance?
The cover pic is Juho either damaging or being confident over a duel win with a Farmer from Nurnberg. Credits: Rene Westenberg, see (3)

Thus HVAT became 13th, after winning both matches on Sunday and getting some nice compliments on their play from Henri’s ‘frisbee-mates’ from the land of the dinosaurs. [And they still play and Henri’s wifedoesn’t let him. Just to be clear on that. :)]

The Open finals between Mooncatchers (BE) and Gronical Legends (NL) saw some spectacular plays on both sides, with the field being sky-wise dominated by Erik Doesburg. After 12-12 and a +2 point cap, Mooncatchers took the victory from last years’ champions, Gronical Legends, 14-12.

Mixed finals, the same as Open, started in darkness, with a ray of light following the players onto the field. Addition was, however, the 15-minutes of fame for some of the Young Frisbee League’s players, who divided between the teams. After some nice plays and cheering, oo-ing and aah-ing from the crowd, scoreboard showed 5-5 and time was over.

True Mixed final then started, with To Be Announced (TBA) playing Tim, Justine and the rest (TJ& de rest), with some pretty nifty duels between Tjeerd and Hylke, Leontine and Sophie, Paula and Justine and also between Foeke and Erik [I borrow this from (1)]. Especially Tjeerd in my opinion was all over the place and played really well. But when you go up against Erik “The Kraken” Doesburg … you come down empty-handed. T,J& d rest who on top of Erik, included Hylke Snieder (both Sockeye, see 7, 8 and 9), also saw great play and sweet handling by WAF’s own Imke van Asseldonk. Till 9-9, points were traded, with the next two taken by TBA. TJ&d rest had a comeback, though, and after an universe point at 13-13, TBA took the win with an all-filed scoober from Foeke Schaap to Michel. (For the record, Leo and Imke were also in the endzone:)


If you’re stoked up, go see the photos following the links below or go check Martini Cup’s page to subscribe for next year: http://www.martinicup.nl/. See also the writeup on GetHorizontal.be (5) and don’t miss WAF as spirit winners (2). As usual by now, Martine Bootsma took some nice pics which you can see on links at (6).


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