Indoor competition WAF ’14/’15

Indoor competition is starting in November!

Is WAF joining in the ladies division again this year or will we be sticking to the open division this year? Who knows. Submit yourself to the indoor competition by filling in the following spreadsheet before October 3rd!

For the newer people: indoor competition is Ultimate Frisbee played inside a sports hall. This means we play on smaller fields with fewer people (5 vs  5). A competition is divided into multiple divisions (usually 8-10), which indicate the strength of the teams. Each division has five teams and plays a competition day at a certain location together with the four other teams in the division. There are four games on the day, with each game lasting for a little under an hour. At the end of the day the ranking in the division determines who promotes (to a higher division, which is actually a lower number) and who demotes (to a lower division, which is actually a higher number). All new players are very much encouraged to join the indoor competition as it is one of the best ways to developed your Ultimate skills!