Indoor practice on Tuesday

This week the indoor training will start. Finally you can play ultimate like it is meant to be, none of those nasty elements getting in the way ofyour superduper complicate throws. Anything is possible, the sky is the limit, or perhaps not… Anyways come try your reversed inside thumbers, anything goes!  Every Tuesday the training will be in the Olympiahal (behind the Albert Heijn) from 20.00h till 22.00h.

  • Every Tuesday indoor training in the Olympiahal
  • From 20.00h till 22.00h
  • Please be on time, i.e. all dressed and ready to rock at 19.55h so we can really start at 20.00h
  • Practice on Thursday does not change; outdoor 19.00h till 20.30h at the Bongerd, artificial grass field