New discs design competition

WAF is in need of some new discs, but this also means that we could really use a nice design for the new discs. For this we open a competition, in which you have a chance to be the creator of the design of the new discs :).
We are ordering our discs at (where you can also find more information and tips about designing). We have decided to go for either a one color hot stamp, or a supercoloured center print.

It would be awesome if you participated and could come up with a design. The deadline for handing in a design for the competition is set at March 15. At the [website] you can find our logos and some of the art that has been used in previous designs of posters, to get some inspiration. The company would like the artwork in a digital file such as Photoshop, Illustrator, EPS, TIFF, PDF, or BMP and they can accept formats for Mac and PC so keep this in mind if you design something. If you create a JPG it should be no lesss than 300 dpi and saved as a high quality file.
For the competition we will set up a poll in which members can vote their favourite design.