New website!

Finally the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived!  You are witnessing the moment right now; the new website of WAF is launched! It is basically the same as the old site, but then infinitely better looking. Probably somewhere this week you, i.e. all WAF members, will receive an email with their account details so you can login on the website. Key feautures of the new website are:

  • You can fill in all the details the WAF board needs from you, such as veggie and shoe size
  • You can register for events on the “events” page (suprisingly), from now the website will the official way to register for events
  • The WAF shop, which is a just a product listing page to show what stuff we still have for sale (caps, discs,sweaters)
  • Responsive, so looks also good on your mobile device
  • All posts and events will automagically be posted to our Facebook group as well, so you do not have to keep checking the website.

Content-wise there still is some stuff missing.For this I am inviting you to contribute. Stuff that is still missing:

  • Photo’s of WAF gear (Koen K., do you have time to help?)
  • Description of WAF gear
  • Small enthousiastic piece urging newbies to join the practice
  • Photo of the current board

Also the website most probably is not bug free, if you encounter any weird stuff happening let me know, by sending an email. I might be able to make the website behave again.