Outdoor teams

Hey WAFfies,
Outdoor season started and it’s good to see that so many of you are joining for the outdoor competition.
Enough to have two teams, in fact!
These are the playerlists at the moment; if you’re unhappy about something please let Nick know!
If you’re not in here and you think you should be, again, let Nick know!

WAF 1:
Imke, Anton, Anneke, Bram, Isa, Aljaz, Jobbe, Martijn, Hilda, Lars, Rick, Mark

WAF 2:
Nick, Henrieke, Jasper F, Janna, Koen, Marit, Marjolijn, Stijn, Fruszi, Franchi, Remi, Karin, Eelke, Djoeke

Inger, Niek, Aranka, Karen, Ingrid, Lisa

Good luck out there…

ps. to remind you, the dates are 24/3, 21/4, 26/5 and 23/6