Right to Play report – January 29

WAF had two teams competing in the Right to Play indoor tournament hosted by BFrisbee2s. Both teams had real good day; read here about their experiences. Thanks for organising this day BFrisbee2s, credits for the photo go to you too :).


Right to play – WAF1, report by Janneke Troost

Last Sunday we all headed to Nijmegen to compete at Right to Play.
We sadly lost our first game against BFrisbee2’s, but as a team we did win experience. Our newbies learned to play as a dice in a zone defence, to stay calm as a handler, to cut diagonally from the stack, to recognize the black lines as sidelines (very important, yes), and of course to play in a team! Furthermore, some of our teammates were incorporated into their first-ever spirit-circle, filled in spirit-score lists, and made their first WAF-yells
Already in the second game, this gain of knowledge could be brought into play in an exiting game against a team from Woerden. We started off pretty equal, but after some point our team really came to a turning-point and we won!
Next up was a game against the Pickup team. Some players out of our own team joined the Pickup-team in their games before they faced WAF. This taught us play with completely different playing-styles, people and zones (and we set a new record: 8 games in a day!). We scored point after point, and we really loved each other after this very spirited game! (Although someone did bring this in a strange way by attacking multiple team members and even making Philipp unable to play after our first game of the day).
Our last pool-game brought us UFO’s. First, we were of course very intimidated by these creatures from another planet, and we kept the game very close and exiting. But in the end, we took the lead, and this meant we were going to play a fifth game to battle for the third place! This last game really got the best out of us, and hopefully this was the same for the members of Swamp Dragons. Hopefully we’ve kept you waiting long enough (Although you’ve probably already read the newsflash posted last Sunday, but hey you are still reading this long story so you hopefully you can now feel the tension we as a team experienced a couple of days ago) WE WON! After many RTP-days that ended in losing most games and taking the last places, we won the third place! And this is not all, we also won the spirit price! This made us the owners of a very delicious cake, but unfortunately it apparently wanted to play against WAF1… and was defeated…

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Right to play – WAF 2, report by Jasper Bos

Our first match was against Swamp Dragons; a nice spirited match with some tight points. The fact that their players were a bit more experienced (we brought one player that had never played before and held a disc for the first time in his life during the warming up), and the fact that we had quite a lot of injured players in our team resulted in a well-deserved win for Swamp Dragons, with a score of I believe 7-4. After this match we had a 2.5 hour break to recover from the hard work and to play some card games. Then it was time for our second match, against one of the BeeFrisbee2s’ teams. We had to win this match if we still wanted to place for the brackets, but unfortunately we lost our second match as well. Then times got better and we won our third match against Woerden2. Although the difference in points was quite big, both teams kept working hard and it was a fun match overall. Our last match was against team “beginnersgeluk” from Crunch, which was a real intense game. I forgot if we won or not, but I do know that the score was fairly close and it was quite an even match up.
At the end of the tournament we got to hear that we became second in spirit. With WAF1 winning the spirit prize and WAF2 ending second I guess we had a real spirited day in Nijmegen :).
Although the results of the matches of WAF 2 may be considered inferior to the results of WAF1 by some, we still had a great time at the indoor Right to Play tournament and ended the day eating some French fries.
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