Sinterklaas is coming to town!

Pepernooten, cinnamon, apples, carrots and straw for the horses, presents, games, … fun and festivity is in the air!

Join WAF in celebrating the persona and magic that is Sinterklaas!

It’s going to be fun, we promise.

You are cordially invited to come on Friday, 13th of December, 

at 19.00 to the Sinterklaas’ official residence for that night,

Hazekamp 2, Wageningen, The Netherlands:


What do you need?

A low-cost gift (<5 €) for the person designated for you.

And a poem about the self-same person. About what they’ve done good or bad during the year, what they do… (It can be in crappy rhymes, it’s even more fun:)

Aaand, a general giftthis one doesn’t have to be bought, it could just be something laying around in your house, feeling lonely and deserted, so make it happy and bring it – we’ll make a fun game out of it!

Please fill in this form (link also below).

It’s open until Friday, 29th of MOvember.)

If you have any questions or you are holding a Zwarte Piet hostage and would like to negotiate terms, please send an email to:

If you say “no” now and see you still want to join later, in the last-minute, just choose one person (for the poem), write it (the poem) and bring a general gift.

Long link to the form: