Thursday training with Leo Sonneveldt

Practice with Leo

Next week’s Thursday there’s a special training with an external trainer. Leontine Sonneveldt, currently trainer at Airborn and the woman behind the national ladies training, will come to teach us some new tricks :) She’s an experienced trainer and as worked with both experienced and inexperienced players, so this is a perfect chance for everyone at WAF to learn something new and get some new feedback on your play.

She needs some input what to work on during the training, so please let me know ( if you have some ideas what to train (before Tuesday).

I’ll talk to the soccer guys, and will ask for an extra half hour of playing time. After that, there are beers waiting for us at Djoeke’s party in Annie’s :)

Make sure to be in time! Ready to start warming up at 19:00 sharp. So make sure to be there 5 minutes in advance.