WAF heading for Mudders Cup 2015 – sign up now!

Waffentittengeil!!! WAF is going to Deutschland for Mudders Cup 2015, an indoor tournament on the 10th and 11th of January in Bremen! Let’s go chase some German Plastik and enjoy the roadtrip, beers, fun and bradwurst. Everyone invited!

Indicate your attendance and see who’s joining here: http://goo.gl/Rc5TeM

Tournament information:
Date: 10.01.-11.01.2015 (expected departure on Friday night, as it’s a 3,5hr drive)

Format: Indoor, 5 vs. 5 (open)
Players fee:  € 15  (+ additional € 10 for dinner on Saturday)
Team fee: around € 70

More info: http://international.ffindr.com/en/event/germany/mudders-cup-2015 or email Bram: bramtebrake1@gmail.com