WAF report on 3rd competition day, January 22

WAF has 2 teams playing the indoor competition, read here about their third competition day :) :

WAF 1 report, written by Janneke:

We all hope you’ve had a marvellous, awesome, wonderful, spectacular, superb weekend, since WAF1 certainly had! First of all, since we hosted this third indoor competition day, we could all stay home a little longer. For some of us this turned out to be even a long little longer, and the supermarkets had already opened before our team was complete. As Wageningen has printed these nice Frisbee-lines on the floor (we did set it out on the wrong field though), we could start throwing some discs long before our warm-up captain Rick taught us new ways of hakken-billen (which we can now all do in a super-efficient way, right?).
In our first match, we defeated UTKA. This made us all very awake and eager to play, but unfortunately we had to wait a looooong time before our next opponent, NUTS, was ready to face us. With the presence of Joy as a true Waffie cheering from the sideline, we scared them off with our Zone-defense. After a very spirited game, we made a 13-3 victory! (We did lose the spirit game though, so should practise on that too…!)
After these two games, we had already made UTKA and NUTS pay our great wall, and to finish it, we needed some more points and victories. Meanwhile we were challenged to prove our winning team-play without the always cheerful presence of Rick. It was probably because of this challenge, and the loving words and good strategy – pep-talk of our team captain Niek that our wall protected us against the disc-riding knights of BFrisbee2’s in a real Medieval battle! We are definitely looking forward to more of these tight wars! (8 – 7 Jabadabadoo!).
Before the last game of today, even Henri and Bram showed up. Unfortunately, even the cute cheering of one of the youngest Frisbee-fans of Wageningen could not get us through the day undefeated. After an intense game, we tied against MUG. However, after all these plays full off layouts, nice D’s and even a Callahan, we can still say: We got promoted! (The wall we are building is made out of discs, so no need to worry. Oh, and after the last indoor competition day everyone can cross the wall, as we don’t want to ruin the Frisbee-spirit of course)

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WAF 2 report, written by Ingrid:

“Three strikes is out… so let’s get promoted!” That was the mentality of WAF2 on the third competition day. After not being promoted on the first two days because of a lousy couple of points we really wanted to go for it this time in Eindhoven. We started against Crunch4, who just got promoted from the 9th division. It was a nice warm-up game which ended in a win for us (15-3). The second opponent was Vertigo3. They came from the 7th division where they had lost from WAF1. With enough confidence in our own team we played a good game which ended in 11-6 for WAF2. The third game we thought should be easy enough as we had won from Panic2 on the previous competition day with 11-2. This time we did even better, beating them with 14-1. I would like to give credits especially to the brave WAF2 newbies who tried (and often succeeded in) throwing some awesome overheads into the endzone, adding to this great score. Well done!! And then… the last game was THE game of the day. We had to play against Bluefingers2, which had beaten us on the first day (11-7), after which we won relatively easy from them on the second day (10-3). So we knew it could go either way. And with the pressure of really wanting to get promoted it became a very close game. But eventually we won with 10-9!! Even though it doesn’t make a big difference for the brackets on the last competition day, we now have boosted our confidence and we look forward to kicking some more ass! Want to witness it live? Come to Arnhem on February 26 and cheer us and WAF1 towards victory!!