Waffle money

As some of you may or may not remember, a year ago several Waffies made a succesful venture selling waffles at Windmill Windup, the largest Ultimate tournament of Europe and they were generous enough to offer the money to our association. A while ago we made survey of different options to choose what to spend the money on. These options were split into two categories, which were communal items on one hand and activities and personal items on the other hand. You could choose two of both categories. Here we would like to share your choices!

The options for communal items were:

– Waf flag
– Books and DVDs of Ultimate
– Yellow training vests
– Speaker on wheels
– Bag of misprinted discs
– Brewing WAF beer

The activity or personal item options were:
– Barbecue
– WAF socks
– WAF sunglasses
– Visiting pubs
– Personalized WAF pillow covers

From the survey we have obtained the following results:
Communal items: Waf flag + Books and DVDs of Ultimate
Activity/personal items: Barbecue + Personalized WAF pillow covers

Some of these things are already being taken care of by the activity committee such as the barbecue. However, if you would like to contribute to realizing any of the other choices, don’t hesitate to let the board know!