About Ultimate

Ultimate is a very intensive team sport, which is playePlastic loving hippies!d indoor with 5 players in a team and outdoor with 7 players in a team. Ultimate is like american football with a disc and no contact. A point is scored by catching the disc in the endzone. You may only throw the Frisbee to each other and you are not allowed to walk with the Frisbee in your hands. Besides the trainings, there are competition days and tournaments to learn this surprising and intensive game. Ultimate is called ultimate because Frisbee is a registered trademark, obviously also because it is the ultimate sport. An important aspect of ultimate is spirit of the game. In ultimate there are no referees, every player is responsible to make calls for themselves. A spirited player respects the game and all the players. The idea is that when a player makes a foul, the game continues as if the foul was never committed. Everybody in the ultimate community respects the spirit of the game; intentional fouls (almost) never happen.